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Who am I?

I am Tracey Cardillo.

I am a driven, passionate, detail-oriented, and creative individual. I find the most meaning in tinkering, figuring out how things work, learning, creating, and making sure things are done according to my own high and precise standards.

I operate most effectively while I am creating — when a project is on my mind, it does not often leave until the project is, at least, fully planned out or moving toward completion, and it brings me the most joy to be in such creative headspaces.

I am fascinated by learning and understanding many topics, expanding my knowledge of the world and the way things work with deep thought, always.

I love to problem solve, and am very inspired to grow in any way I can. I am open to new ideas and always eager to improve myself.

Tracey Cardillo Portrait


Some of my hobbies include photography, cinema, music, print, computers and electronics, collecting video games and other memorabilia, fashion, philosophy, writing, and design. I am a tinkerer, and a lot of my free time is spent at my workbench, working on various projects, like restoring old video game consoles and TV sets. I attempt to bring my camera with me wherever I go, in an effort to capture interesting things.

Tracey Cardillo Creative Portrait
Photographing the jellies at Monterey Bay Aquarium


I sometimes go by the pseudonym of Tracey Sketchit, based upon a character of the same name from the Pokémon animated series — being a male with the name Tracey was something I often dreaded as a child, because many assumed I was a female, so there being a male character sharing my name, spelling and all, was something I held onto.

Music is a topic that I am very invested in, and can enjoy and talk about to no end. I listen to a very wide array of music, collect records, and am always interested in finding new albums to listen to.

I am a bit introverted, at first, but with time to break out of my shell I can make for an entertaining companion.

I am a firm believer in the sober and clean "straightedge" lifestyle, due to personal choice. I respect others' opinions on such a topic, so long as mine is respected.

I had a difficult upbringing, coming from a broken home, facing much adversity, and being raised primarily by my mother. I love my mom, siblings, partner, friends, animals, home, and those who support and accept me, no matter what.

Julep, my precious cat

Julep, my precious cat

My Super Nintendo Entertainment System

My Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Clementine, when she was just a pup

Clementine, the pup

Abigail amid the sunset

Abigail, my partner

Bonus Picture: Julep yawning

Bonus picture of Julep yawning

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