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Super Nintendo Product Shot

For GrC 301, Digital Photography and Color Management, with Brian Lawler, students are assigned a product shot project, alongside various other photo assignments. For this assignment, I decided to bring in my Super Nintendo Entertainment System, accompanied by a controller and one of my favorite games, Earthbound. The project was put together in a professional environment, edited, and one photo was chosen for submission.

While only one photo was crowned the king, I have many others that I liked from the set, which offer at least some glimpse of the direction and choices that were made in the shooting process. My goal during this shooting process was to attempt portraying the hardware in a more raw form, as opposed to squeaky clean product photography, thus the wire strewn across the frame and controller being in different positions in order to emulate real use.

Second Pick Images

Product Shot Second Choice Number 1
Product Shot Second Choice Number 2
Product Shot Second Choice Number 3
Product Shot Second Choice Number 4

Final Image

Final Choice for Product Shot Image

Making a final choice for this project was tough, but the above image simply captured the essence I was aiming for, here, and demonstrates very interesting balance and organization within the frame.

As someone with a lot of camera experience, but a lot less studio experience, this project was a true joy for me — getting behind a lens and being able to create is simply one of my favorite things.